“When I first began working towards online programs, I was told it couldn’t be done. That was in 1992. When I went to South Korea to demonstrate how online education could energize corporate learning, I was told that managers would never learn to type. When I built Europe’s first online MBA in France,I was told that the internet would never come to France. Today, we can see those nay-sayers were all wrong. Athena Global Education is the culmination of decades of experience in teaching and learning across borders. This is the most exciting project I have ever been a part of because this team isn’t full of nay-sayers, it is full of YEA-sayers! Athena Global Education represents the best of online education: flexible, affordable, accessible, and backed by internationally recognized diplomas and degrees. We welcome you to what is the pinnacle of years of experience from every member of this team. And we know your experience will be great because we put YOU at the very center of our mission. Realize your dreams because they are within your grasp. ”

William Painter

Dean - Westford Education Group


Dr. William Painter has held numerous positions in higher education, as a professor, a department chair, a program director, a Chief Academic Officer and Liaison, and Dean at several institutions. He is a visionary leader in online education and student engagement and has always been guided by the principles that everyone should have access to higher education and that learners should be in control of their own success.

He is responsible for management programs including MBA, Executive MBA and PG Diploma that come under the Westford Education Group. Since 1988, he has been active in international private and public post-secondary and higher education. Dr Painter has worked with leading Business schools such as Groupe Ecole Superieure de Commerce, NCC Education, Laureate Online Education as  International Director and later assumed the role of Chief Academic Officer for the University of Liverpool/Laureate partnership .He has also served as Chair of the Social and Culture Studies Department for Stephens College, Dean of International Studies for City Vision University, and Executive Director of Bellevue University’s Center for Online Studies. 

Dr. Painter has an undergraduate degree from North Texas State University and Master’s degree from the University of North Texas. He completed his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia.