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w Shatarupa Datta  |   2 mins read November 1, 2021 | 302 eye icon

Athena Global Education rolls out two new courses which provide tremendous job opportunities-Master of Business Administration- Blockchain Management and Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

Both these programs are in high demand at the workplace and therefore lucrative career options.

The Master of Business Administration- Blockchain Management is a 60 ECTS Master's program from Guglielmo Marconi University (GMU), Italy. It comprises six modules along with Research and Dissertation. Additional certifications are Postgraduate Diploma in Blockchain Management  from Cambridge International Qualifications, UK and Certified Manager from Chartered Management Institute, UK (optional). This program can be completed in 9-24 months.

Blockchain provides the universal infrastructure which is flexible to integrate with all sorts of old as well as new technologies. Through this course, the learner comes to know about its various applications in the domains of banking, commodity trading, supply chain management, and others. This course explores how Blockchain can revolutionize economies while addressing some of the most pressing problems in society such as trust, transparency, inclusive participation and fair trade. 

The MBA- Blockchain Management program opens up a wide range of career opportunities and professional development routes for learners worldwide.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management is a 16 ECTS  program from Guglielmo Marconi University (GMU), Italy. It comprises two modules: Supply Chain and Logistics Management and Supply Chain in Global Context. The program can be completed within 3-6 months based on students’ pace and time availability.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management  will help the learner contribute to the organization’s goal of increasing sales, infiltrating new markets, making the company gain a competitive advantage as well as increase shareholder value. It is because these technological advancements minimize cost as well as streamline the processes, and optimize the product cycle. Supply chain management recruitment organizations search for individuals who can contribute to their financial success, analyze cost efficiencies, maintain proper inventory levels as well as decrease operating expenses.

For further information, please write to the Admissions Team at admissions@athena.edu or chat with the Admission Counsellor on WhatsApp to know more about the course.

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