The Wise and the Foolish Investors

a Annabelle A. Arellano   |   4 mins read October 1, 2021 | 37 eye icon

One of my favorite quotes by Brian Tracy, Canadian-American motivational speaker. is, “Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future “. The only constant thing in this world is CHANGE.  We are living in a generation that has evolved way too far from what it was 2000 years ago. With the rise of technology, most of our work can be done in a very short period. Bank transactions can be done using our mobile phones. Families, relatives, and friends regardless of the distance, can be connected. Food and groceries can be delivered on our doorsteps even without going to the supermarkets or restaurants. Clients from another part of the globe are a phone call away. These are just a few of the many changes we can see, and we live by everyday.

With all the changes that bombard us every single day, we also need to learn and if possible, step up and be the author of the change or development in order to further enhance the quality of life. We need to adapt to the changes and to the society so that we are not left behind. It is also the same with the work that we do. Working as a cost consultant requires us to adapt to the latest technology and to think of better solutions for our clients’ needs. We are required to elevate ourselves to the next level of our own personal capabilities. The competition is tough and only the wise and the strong  will survive. 

The wise are those who allow themselves to accumulate knowledge and seek further development. The wise become strong because of the weapon of education they possess. There are also those who are foolish, thinking all that they have is enough. When difficulty arrives, they vanish because they are not wise enough, but are  weak and incapable of fighting. A lot of businesses are forced to close because they cannot cope up with the change. These are businesses that did not focus on future developments and in educating and upgrading themselves hence they are now part of history.

Wherever we are, there are a lot of opportunities for learning. This COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to give ourselves time for learning. Different kinds of webinars are being held on different platforms. Companies are giving more structured training on development programs to strengthen the technical knowledge of their employees. Schools are offering online courses which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The opportunity is being given to us on a silver platter and all we need to do is to grab it, be involved and enjoy the moment. 

Our success in life is dependent on us. To have a healthy body, we need to constantly eat healthy food, drink water, get sunshine and fresh air, get more sleep and exercise. It is the same with success, to succeed in life we need to educate ourselves, learn and not be scared to try things. Sometimes, we may fail but failure is still a part of learning. There are a lot of prominent people who failed first before they succeeded but there is one thing that they have in common – they have TRIED.  Educating ourselves is a way to help us and not to endanger us. Our worst enemy is not other people but US. 

We only live once. Let us make the most of it. Let us acquire knowledge in our lifetime. Invest in ourselves. This is the only thing that can’t be taken away from us. Be like the wise who kept on acquiring knowledge. When darkness comes, they can light up their way because of the fire of knowledge that they have. 

Once knowledge is gained, don’t be afraid to share it. It is a way to genuinely help another.  Remember the people who taught us, they are the ones who planted the seeds and pulled away the weeds on our way of bearing fruit. They are the people who helped us, and in the same manner, do the same, do what is right. 

We never stop learning in life. It is a journey of learning, growing, and sharing. 

Annabelle A. Arellano
Senior Team Leader – QS (CSA)
Arcadis (Thailand) Limited
Postgraduate Certificate in Procurement & Contracts Management
Batch 2021


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