Film Review-"Remember the Goal" by Dave Christiano

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Movie – Remember The Goal
Director – Dave Christiano
Genre – Drama

‘Remember The Goal’ is a 148-minute inspirational dramatic film. It is about a girls’ cross-country team at a private Christian School. Here, a new lady coach takes over the training of the girls’ cross-country program and sets a goal for them to win the state meet.

The new coach is a fresher but has shown great wisdom and enthusiasm at a young age. She tries to impart these qualities to the girls to overcome real life obstacles. The coach is a strong role model and a leader with a lot of passion. I personally feel that we need  more people like her in the real world. I am sure that the qualities she embodies have a positive influence on many.
Despite nearly insurmountable hurdles, controversy, and criticism, the coach connects running and faith through her own testimony which touches on a variety of issues that teenagers encounter daily (addiction, parental relationships, low self-image, divorce, disobedience). She instills in them integrity and determination to face any  situation to lead them to their first ever state title.

With patience, motivation, grit and a strong belief in God, the girls win the title. The film refers to the motto ‘1 Corinthians 10:31’ which means whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. At the end of the movie, it is revealed by another coach that the lady coach is a former state champion who ran slow all year and then fast at the end of the year. It was assured that the private Christian School ‘Orange Hills Academy’ has figured out the secret to running.

Based on the story, the  following  life lessons can be drawn out:

One must set the purpose of life – It is important for a person to have a specific goal or a purpose in their life. One must always attempt to achieve that purpose despite thousands of obstacles. Never lose your hope.

Motivation – The film emphasizes the vital role  motivation plays in human success. Always remember that whatever you do, do it with full determination. Put your heart in it.

Make plans and have patience – This film teaches us how to make plans to ensure success. It reveals to us  that a slow pace can also lead to success.

Obey parents- With visual examples of the qualities and character of Christ, it  encourages teens to obey their parents.

Message for adults- The movie has  a message for  the adults about the way they should treat their children and make it a  priority in life.

Finally, I must say that ‘Remember the Goal’ is an excellent film! Thoroughly enjoyable. The film has come out well, entertaining and inspirational. It has something in it for everyone.

Dr. Rashi Singh
Faculty of Management
Athena Global Education/Demont

Dr Rashi Singh possesses more than seven years of experience in the  education sector and three years in the finance industry in India and UAE. She has worked as Internal Verifier, Faculty, Assessor and Mentor. She has also conducted workshops and webinars on 'Research Methodology and its application in academics'. Dr Singh has several degrees to her credit, namely, PhD. in Marketing Management, MPhil - Marketing Management, MMM (Masters in Marketing Management), and DCA.. She has presented research papers nationally and internationally. Dr Singh is  keen on research areas in the field of Digital Marketing, Marketing Mix in the present scenario, among other things.


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Anjali Singh   1 week 4 days ago

It's just amazing👍😍



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Athena   1 week 3 days ago

Thank you,😇

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