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10 th Year Celebration Scholarship – Save up to USD 900

As a part of Westford Education Group 10 th year celebration, Athena Global Education is providing the aspiring learners around the world an option to avail scholarship up to USD 900.00

How it works

AGE has a unique pricing model where the learners pay per module as and when they progress. The learners pay the learning resource fee or module fee and assessment fee of USD 500 per module which includes learning resources and assessments. In the context of 10th year celebrations, AGE will be providing access to the module along with the assessment fee for USD 350.00 only, that means the learner will save USD 150.00 per module and saving totaling USD 900 for an IMBA or a 120 credit Diploma.

That means the learner will be able to achieve and IMBA for USD 4100 or a 120 credit Master level Diploma for USD 1800.00. And what’s more, you can start your MBA journey by paying USD 350.00 onwards,

This is a limited time offer and age reserve the rights to change this offer at any time.

The interested learners can register for free trial where they will be able to access the resources for a one-week period. Upon expiry of trial period the learner needs to pay USD 350 and subscribe to one module which covers his cost for assessment and the learning. The learner will be able to submit his assignment within 90 days of the date of subscription to the module. The students can subscribe to multiple modules at a time or can subscribe to the modules one after the other, based on the progress.

The total applicable Fee for the IMBA programme currently is follows:

Fee : USD 500.00/Module (Total 6X500 =USD 3000)

Dissertation Guidance : USD 500.00 (Need to pay when ready for Dissertation)
Dissertation Assessment : USD 500.00 ( Need to pay when ready to submit dissertation)
Certification ( SQA Diploma) : USD 300.00 ( Need to pay after successful completion of 6 modules)
Certification ( IMBA) : USD 700.00 ( Need to pay after successful completion of Dissertation)

Total Applicable Fee for an IMBA : USD 5000.00
Total Savings : USD 900.00 (10 th year celebration scholarships)
Net Payable Fee : USD 4100.00

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