Course Selected Awarded By Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy
Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA), UK

Course Description

The IMBA has two stages, the stage-1 consist 6 modules and the successful students of stage-1 will be awarded with the SCQF level 11 Extended Diploma in International Business and Strategy from Scottish Qualifications authority (SQA) in association with CIQ (Cambridge International Qualifications). Successful of students of stage-1 will progress to Stage-2 which consists a Research Project and the MBA will be awarded by Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy.


Fee per Module: USD 500.00 (Total 3000 for 6 Modules)

Dissertation Guidance Fee: USD 500.00

Dissertation Assessment Fee: USD 500.00

Diploma Certification Fee: USD 300.00

MBA Certification Fee: USD 700.00

Total Fee Applicable: USD 5000.00

Fee Payment Scheme: Pay Per Module

Pay per Module scheme provide the learner with an option to pay the fee per module, not per course. The learner can start the course by paying for one module and then continue the studies by paying for every additional module one at a time. The maximum duration allowed to complete a module is 90 days from the day of registration of the module. Learner can also choose to register for multiple modules at a time based on his ability to invest time and money. The learner will pay certification fee once he is eligible for the certification upon successful completion of the modules as per the structure of the program.

Scholarship Offer

We currently offer USD 150 Scholarship for each module totaling to USD 900 for the complete course. This is a limited time offer and Athena Global Education reserve the rights to stop this offer without any notice.

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