1. What are the eligibility criteria for IMBA offered by Guglielmo Marconi University?

Ans: In order to grant admission, the IMBA offered by GMU, the students should satisfy the following requirements

  • 1. Should possess a bachelor’s degree from an approved institution
  • 2. Should have English proficiency equal to IELTS 6.0 or equivalent
  • 3. Applicant without bachelor’s degree will be considered case by case basis subject to relevant managerial experience not less than 5 years.

2. What are the documents required for admission to IMBA offered by Guglielmo Marconi University?

Ans: The applicants should submit the following documents:

  • 1. Bachelor’s Degree certificate (English, if not legal translations should be submitted)
  • 2. Final year transcript of Bachelor’s Degree.
  • 3. If the student doesn’t possess a Bachelor’s degree, he/she needs to send the updated resume, experience certificates and the copy of highest qualifications achieved to info@athena.edu.

3. What is the process to get admission to IMBA offered by Guglielmo Marconi University?

Ans: The applicant with bachelor’s degree can directly make the payment by choosing to enroll for at least to one module. Once the payment is confirmed, the student needs to go to profile and update the details and upload the relevant documents which include the degree certificate, transcripts, ID documents (Passport/national ID) which clearly shows the Date of Birth of the applicant. Once the applicant has updated, the admission status will be informed to the student.

If the students are not sure about the eligibility or doesn’t possess a Bachelor’s degree, then they have to send their details to info@athena.edu with relevant documents. Such students will make the payment only after getting admission confirmation which will be mailed to him/her.

4. What are the applicable fees for the IMBA course.

We charge the fee based on the module credits as follows

1 SCQF Credit (UK) : USD 25 (USD 12.5 for Module Fee & USD 12.5 for Assessment Fee)

IMBA course is Dual Certification programme which will have a total fee of USD 5000.00 which will have 6 modules, one dissertation, Extended Diploma Certification and MBA certification fee

Details of fee as follows
  • Extended Diploma Certification Fee : USD 300.00
  • MBA Certification Fee : USD 700.00
  • Dissertation Guidance Fee : USD 500.00
  • Dissertation Assessment Fee : USD 500.00
Other Charges
  • Re-submission Fee assignment : Nil
  • Retake Fee for assignment: USD 150.00
  • Extension of Assignment Deadline: USD 100.00
  • Courier Charges : USD 50.00
  • Extension of Module access : USD 100.00
  • Early Exit Awards: USD 100.00
  • UK Apostille Attestation : USD 300.00
  • Prefecture Attestation Italy: USD 400.00

5. How long students can avail free trial and what all he can access during trial period. What happened after trial period?

Ans: Once the student registers to the course, he/she will have access to the learning resources of one module where the student can access the learning materials and e-library. This access to materials will be ceased at end of 7 days and the student will need to enroll to the module by paying USD 250 to restore the access to the module. Once the student has made the payments, he/she needs to go an update the profile and submit the documents to confirm the admission to the course. Students can avail one module at a time or multiple module at a time by enrolling and paying for multiple modules. Once the students enrolled to a module, he/she will have access to the materials for next 90 days. The student should submit the assignment within 90 days. Once the student enrolled to the module he /she will be able to see the assignment brief (question paper for assignment) and can start working on it from day one.

6. How does the learning happen?

The primary resources of the learning are video classes and related text contents. Every module syllabus has been divided to about 50 sub units to make the learner’s life easy and the video classes are made to provide the students with adequate knowledge to understand the module contents.

Apart from the video classes and text contents, the students will be provided access to the online live interactive classes where the students will be able to attend live lectures and communicate with faculties. This happens twice a month for each module and each class will be 3 hours long. This is an opportunity for students to clarify their doubts and get a clear understanding of how to do the final assignment.

Apart from the above the students will be able to attend free webinars, access to the online library, discussion board and additional learning materials and case studies shortlisted by faculties to enhance their domain knowledge.

Adding to the above, the students will be able to ask questions through our “Ask you faculty” option in LMS and the faculty will respond to the questions within 48 hours.

7. How the student access online live classes?

All the upcoming classes for the enrolled modules will be listed under the “Upcoming Online Classes” where the students will be able to register their interest to attend the class. Registration to such events will be closed 24 hours prior to the start date of the class.

Once the student registers to attend the live class, the student need login to their LMS 15 minutes prior to the class start time and they will see an option to launch the class, he can click on launch and attend the class. The students may be asked to download e-lecta software while using it for first time and the students also need to allow popup, otherwise it may not open.

8. What is the Student Support provided?

Each course has one course leader where the students will have access to email to him and clarify their doubts about the course. Any other technical problems, they will be supported through our live chat window. We also provide attestation (legalization) services to the students from respective countries, the certificate issued is chargeable as per the provided fee and charges schedule. We do not provide placement support.

9. What is the course structure of IMBA?

IMBA is a dual certification program, that means by doing this program the students will be able to attain two distinguished qualifications. Therefore it has 2 parts, one Master level Diploma stage and other one MBA (Top-up) stage.

Stage -1, the students will be studying 6 modules each with 20 Master level UK credits, totaling to 120 UK credits. Upon successful completion of this stage, the students need to pay USD 300 for Diploma certification which will be awarded by Scottish Qualification Authority, UK and the certificate will be titled as SCQF Level 11 Extended Diploma in International Business and Strategy and Level 11 SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework) means it’s a Postgraduate or Master level qualification. The students will be provided an access to SQA system where they can authenticate their achievement. SQA is government body regulates the qualifications in Scotland.

Upon successful completion of the Diploma, the students will be able to move the final stage of MBA by transferring the credits earned form SQA qualification and complete the MBA by submitting a Dissertation project. The MBA will be issued by Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy which is an accredited university by the Ministry of Education, Italy. As per the European Union, the students need to achieve 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits to achieve a Master’s Degree.

1 ECTS credits is equal to 3 UK credits and by transferring 120 UK Credits from the Master Diploma from SQA, it will be converted to 40 ECTS credits. By doing Dissertation, the students will achieve another 20 ECTS credits from GMU and complete the 60 ECTS credit to obtain a Master’s Degree.

10. How’s the Exams and Assessments works?

There is no written exam for this MBA program, all the modules are assessed based on the case studies and project works. Once the student enrolled to the module, he will be able to access the assignment brief/project under the Projects Session of the LMS which clearly explains the assessment criteria and marking rubrics which are self-explanatory. If the students still have doubts about doing the assignments, they could seek the support of the faculty during the live classes for the module or use the “Ask Faculty” option in LMS.

Once enrolled to the module, the students will have 90 days to submit the assignment, they could also choose to submit early if they wish. Once submitted, they will not be able to make any changes.

Once the students have submitted the assignment, the faculty will evaluate and provide feedback with results within 21 days of submission. If a student fails, he/she will have clear feedback on the assignment provided stating the reason for failing and the students will have to rework the project as per the feedback provided by the assessor. The student need rework only at the areas where he/she failed, not on the complete project and resubmit within 21 days of the result published. There is no additional fee applicable for the resubmission.

If a student fails to submit the assignment within 90 days of the enrollment date, he/she can request for an extension of not more than 60 days by paying USD 100.00

If the student fails to RE-submit the failed assignment within 21 days of the published results, he can request for an extension of not more than 60 days by paying USD 100.00

If student fails again on RE-submission, he can apply for a Re Take by paying USD 150 where he will have another 90 days of access to the resources and need to submit the assignment within 90 days from the retake date and the process continues as mentioned above.

11. Dissertation Guidance and Process

Once the student moves to the dissertation stage, he/she will be allocated a Dissertation guide who will be supporting the student through the Research and Dissertation project. The Guide normally has 4 meetings with the student, initially the proposal meets, then first review, second review and final review.

Normally a dissertation project will have about 10,000 words. We will be conducting Dissertation guidance online classes every month which the students need to attend to get a clear understanding of dissertation work and what expected out of their research. This will be separate from the Dissertation Supervisor/guide meetings. Once the student submits the final dissertation, then he/she may called for viva to defend his dissertation based on the decision of the assessor. The result will be published within 30 days of submission of the dissertation, if he/she fails, then he/she will have an opportunity to resubmit the work as per the feedback provided by the assessor and the corrected work should be submitted within 30 days of publishing the results.

If the student fails on his/her resubmission, then he/she may have to pay the Fee for dissertation again and will need to work entirely on a new project.

Once the student has enrolled for the Dissertation, he/she needs to submit the final work within 6 months of the enrollment. In case of failure of submission, an extension fee will be applicable. The shortest time allocated to submit the dissertation submission is 90 days, not before that.

12. Minimum and Maximum Course Duration

Once the student has registered to the IMBA, the maximum time allowed to complete the course is 24 months, if he/she fails to complete the course within 24 months, he/she can apply for an extension of 12 months by paying a Course Extension fee of USD 500.00.

The minimum duration of the course is defined as 9 months, exceptions may apply.

13. Minimum and Maximum Duration of Modules

Each module must be completed within 90 days of the enrollment date, the shortest time allowed for submission of assignment is 21 days from the date of enrollment.

14. Will the student be Eligible for further studies?

Yes, the MBA is awarded by a University approved by Ministry of Education, Italy and also approved by ENIC NAARIC (National Recognition Information Centers of the European Union), hence it is globally accepted. However different countries have different requirements, so they may enforce their own regulations.

15. Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus can be accessed from the site on the respective course pages by clicking view details next to the modules listed.

16. Accreditation Status

Master Level Diploma awarded by Scottish Qualification Authority, UK which is a government entity that regulates higher education in Scotland. This qualification is listed under the regulated credit rated qualifications in UK under the SCQF credit frame work. To verify this please go to www.scqf.org.uk and follow the process.

Click on the “THE FRAMEWORK”

Click on the “SEARCH DATABASE”

Then a search form will appear. Please go to “Owner of qualification/programme” in the form and fill “Westford Education Group Ltd”.

It will display all our approved qualifications with course level and credits. If you click on the course, it will provide more details of the course. This is the database of credit rated programs in UK.

To see the course module details, please go to https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/46406.html You will see a search form there, please fill “Westford Education Group Ltd” at “owner”. You will see all the courses approved for us and if you click on the course, you can see the details of the modules for each course. To see our accreditation with Guglielmo University, https://www.gmuonline.org/en/partners/agreements

17. Early Exit Awards:

Under any unforeseen circumstances, if the student wants to withdraw from the program on midway, he/she could apply for an early exit award. Based on the credit earned and modules completed, he/she might receive a credit statement or diploma or an extended diploma by paying the certification fee. Students will be able to resume the course on a later date by re-enrolling and continue from where they stopped. However, he/she will be subjected to availability of that particular course at the time of re- enrollment.

18. Graduation Ceremony:

The students will be able to attend the graduation ceremony conducted in Italy annually, if interested. GMU will be providing invitation letter for the visa purpose.

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