Why is Europe so riddled with vaccine scepticism?

Why is Europe so riddled with vaccine scepticism? The Economist  |   2 MINS READ December 12, 2020

Anti-vaxxers could hinder the struggle against covid-19

When pfizer and BioNTech unveiled their covid-19 vaccine, politicians from across Europe bustled to claim a slice of credit. German politicians reminded people that BioNTech was founded by two Germans of Turkish origin. Belgian ones were quick to note that the vaccine is manufactured in Belgium. eu officials hailed the way in which 27 countries had clubbed together to buy up enough stocks. Britain had to content itself with boasting that its regulators were the quickest to approve the drug.

Yet for a surprisingly large number of Europeans, a different emotion came before pride: paranoia. Despite scrupulous tests showing that the vaccine is safe, many people doubt it. One in three French people thinks vaccines in general are unsafe—the highest figure for any country, according to the Wellcome Trust, a British charity. A whopping 46% say they would reject a covid-19 vaccine when offered it, according to an Ipsos mori poll. And France is not alone. In Italy, the eu’s third-largest economy, the Five Star Movement won power in part due to their avid fearmongering about vaccines. Nor is such dangerous poppycock confined to western Europe. More than 40% of people in Poland and Hungary say they would reject a covid-19 vaccine if offered. How did Europe become such a crucible of credulity?

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