About Athena Global Education

Athena Global Education (AGE) is a subsidiary of Westford Education Group which have been in the higher education services since 2009, providing quality UK, Italy and Spanish Bachelors and masters degree to aspirant learners all around the world. We have helped tens of thousands people around the world achieve their higher education goals and through that, their professional goals.

Westford Education group has partnered with many internationally accredited universities, awarding bodies and professional bodies which has enabled us to provide quality and accredited programs worldwide. Westford is currently partnered with Cardiff Metropolitan University from UK, University of Wolverhampton from UK, Universidad Catolica Murcia (UCAM) from Spain, Guglielmo Marconi University from Italy, Fort Hays State University from US, Pearson Education from UK and the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) of the UK to name few.

Athena Global Education is the latest venture of Westford Education Group, developed based on our key values. We believe the quality higher education is an undeniable right of all, not of few, which should be affordable to all. Our key pillars of this venture is Accessible and Affordable, so we have made sure that the courses developed in this platform will uphold these key values.


Our vision is to empower people, the privileged and underprivileged, by providing access to higher education that is effective, affordable and flexible without any boundaries.

Fundamental Values

In order to uphold our vision, we ensure the following while developing of the learning platform and the courses:

  • Accessible – Quality higher education should accessible for everyone
  • Affordable – Quality higher education should be affordable for everyone
  • Accredited – All the qualifications achieved through age should be accredited
  • Flexible – The learner should have flexibility to learn based on their time and money
  • Stackable – The learner will be provided with an option where he can take small units and stack up the credits for a degree or diploma
  • Effective - All courses provided should be effective in a pragmatic situation either in the workplace or personal life.

Group Companies

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    Athena Global Education (AGE) is a subsidiary of Westford Education Group which have been in the higher education services since 2009...

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