Learning process with AGE is simple and effective. Your learning resources are based on the "spaced learning model", a model that emphasizes learner re-engagement with the learning materials over time. Simply put, this methodology is effective because your journey will include videos, lecuteres, texts and live sessions. Your learning resources are divided into two major categories,Core Learning Materials and Supplementary Learning Materials.

The AGE online study experience

You are the Master of your studies

You can study comfortably at home through our online platform which delivers digital learning materials and video classes. Decide for yourself when and where you want to learn, where you want to take your exams, and where you want to work with your fellow learners. You can study from the comfort of your living room, or sitting on a plane, or during a coffee break at your office.

And you won’t be alone. You will have classmates online, tutors, or student support services to help you get all the information you need.

Core Learning Resources

Core learning resources have been developed to cover the essential learning requirements to achieve the learning outcomes of the respective modules. We have divided the course curriculum into small sized learning units which are broadly divided into four elements.

Video Classes

Each module is composed of 50-60 small units, each introduced with a video lecture that lasts 7-12 minutes. These videos lay out the basis for a fundamental understanding of the topic

Essential Reading

Every video is supported by essential reading content, a combination of text and graphics. This expands on the information of the videos and enhances the learning experience by going deeper into the key points of the preceding video.

Reference Materials

Each unit includes reference materials such as relevant journal articles, case studies, and reports that directly relate to the topics. These materials, which can take the form of scholarly texts or digital videos, extend the knowledge of the learner and provide in-depth support for further inquiry.

Additional Resources

We support you in each unit with additional resources that are curated from external sources. Videos, reports, articles and other relevant materials are placed at your fingertips. This will help you get a multidimensional perspective on the topics in the units and extend your learning beyond the curriculum.

Supplementary learning resources

We provide supplementary resources to broaden your learning experience. These generally support the learning objectives in your modules but they also open up additional avenues of exploration, useful when you are doing research or when you wish to broaden your understanding of any topic beyond the specific scope of the module.

How will I start the course ?

It’s very easy to start with us. You don’t need to may any payments or provide a long list of documents or complete lengthy applications. Just follow these steps:

  • Register for a
    free trial1

    Register free with us for a No Obligation free trial and learn free with us for 7 days for any course you choose.

  • complete
    YOUR online

    If you are satisfied with learning, start the enrollment process by using ‘Enroll Now’ option in the LMS homepage.

  • make the
    module FEE

    Once your applications is approved, the fee payment option will be activated in your LMS and you will be able to make the payment.

  • Start

    Start learning, once you complete the assessment, you may progress to the next module.

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