I am a Professional, Do I need an MBA?

So, you’ve asked yourself the hard question: Do I really need an MBA? Let me see if I can help you with that answer….

An MBA is an investment of time and money. Most US MBA programs will cost over $50,000, meaning that you should expect a much higher salary to get a return on your investment (a phrase you will completely understand if you have been through an MBA program). The average salary of an MBA in Europe is over $100,000 per year. Obviously, if you could lower the cost of that MBA investment, you would see a higher ROI.

As a professional, you rely on a professional network of people whom you can call upon for advice, assistance, or just sharing thoughts. An MBA program puts you in contact with a network of aspirational degree holders such as yourself. If the MBA program is international, then your new network will extend around the globe, opening professional opportunities on the global, not just domestic, stage.

MBA professors have international networks already. Getting to know your professors will not only extend your professional network but will begin relationships that will last your entire career.

Having an “MBA” after your name carries significant credibility when you are providing consulting services, applying for jobs, or seeking promotions. You have proven that you can set difficult objectives, set milestones, and achieve those objectives in the face of any obstacles that may get in your way. Moreover, the broad business content you will learn will be applicable and relevant in many situations, preparing you for just about any eventuality.

In other words, an MBA is a professional designation that sets you apart. Now, all you have to do is to find a program that is accessible, affordable, and flexible enough to meet your needs.

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Online Learning & Its Impact On Learners

Technology advancement since the last decade has brought enormous opportunity for education to be spread to all corners of the globe. Basic as well as higher education is no longer restricted to a privileged few, it has spread its tentacles to all sections of the society, privileged, as well as under-privileged. Today a virtual class, which is in real time can be conducted from any geographical frontier and can be accessed by people residing in any part of the world. This has been made possible through the medium of online learning platforms, as it opens up new realms of learning for aspirants located anywhere in the world. They can now interact with access to knowledge and information to fulfil their aspirations of acquiring high quality educational qualifications at a very low cost. 

Online learning has opened up the vistas for acquiring education degrees right from a school degree to a doctorate for the global society as a whole. Whether you are from a rural rea or a city, or a young student trying to acquire an educational qualification, or a working professional, or a person with disability, or from any nationality and from any part of the globe, the advent of online learning is the new horizon for any learner, where learning has no boundaries. It caters to all kinds of people representational systems, as well as their learning styles, whether auditory, visual, kinesthetic (based on emotions) or auditory-digital (based on logic). Online learning platforms provide all these representations through its real time inter-active self/ or blended learning resources.    

In a self-learning environment, the student can learn at his/ her own pace within the available timelines, whereas the blended learning means give the student a platform to interact and clear all their doubts/ queries that they may have with the nominated guide or facilitator. It also gives the ability for a student to access information from any part of the world, also gives him/ her the advantage that if a virtual meeting or class is missed out, the recorded sessions are always available for access at a convenient time. One of the big advantage which comes the student’s way is the low cost of acquiring a higher qualification, as well as easy access to the program at his/ her place and time of choosing.

The online learning resources available are vast in the form of E-libraries, Learning Management Systems (LMS), materials and assessments availability, online interaction with the guide, recorded sessions, videos, articles, blogs, etc. A student does not have to go anywhere, just logging on to the online platform from anywhere can make him/ her access all this information in real time. 

The impact of e-learning on learners is tremendous. It gives great flexibility and self-responsibility to the learner to study at his/ her own pace. It gives a diverse and vast amount of information to students to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities through good use of the online resources. It helps them to communicate with the best resources available world-wide, which also increases their critical thinking and evaluation skills. In a survey conducted by the Learning House, 44% of online students reported improvements in their employment standing, by obtaining a full-time job within 12 months of graduation, and 45% reported a salary increase, including a career progression. Where onsite courses and programs are exorbitantly expensive, an online similar program with same certification comes at a very low cost, which enables all sections of the society to upgrade their knowledge and qualifications. The e-learning market is expanding exponentially and it is estimated that it will soon be touching $ 300 Billion this year.  

Westford Education Group is the pioneer in devising and conducting online programs in the Middle East. It has developed its indigenous LMS and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) interface to support all its online students. The delivery of online teaching through the latest e-classrooms, coupled with its LMS provides a force multiplier to any student registered for an online program, to acquire the requisite knowledge and qualification he/ she is seeking. Its facilitators and faculties are experts in their domain areas and world class, they are spread across different geographical boundaries to take the online students to a journey of fulfilment and gratification, with a human touch. Westford Education Group is the new beacon for future learning through its innovative and creative online learning programs. Let’s embark on this journey together, in partnership, where we will help you fulfill your aspirations of acquiring the most important commodity for you on this planet earth…….your higher education.


Anil Ahluwalia

Academic Director

Westford Education Group   

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MBA’s and Africa.

Africa is a rich continent which has been targeted for development by major global powers, such as China, Europe, and the USA. And this is more than just resource extraction, such as oil/gas, mining, and other natural resources. It is about the fact that Africa will have the largest global labor force by 2040, ahead of either India or China (Global Consultancy PwC). Unfortunately, it is a workforce that has some serious educational challenges, not the least of which is an enormous gap between corporate requirements for an MBA educated workforce and the number of MBA-qualified candidates that will be available.

In order to bridge this gap, foreign universities and post-secondary education providers have had to step in to support Africa’s university infrastructure which has been overwhelmed: Africa boasts 28 of the world’s 30 youngest populations and that population will double by 2050. However, sub-Saharan Africa’s enrollments in higher education institutions is only 7% of the 40% who enroll in secondary education. American and European higher education is highly valued, but it is also very expensive, effectively pricing out most young people who need it the most.

Athena Global Education (AGE) offers an affordable, internationally recognized, fully accredited MBA to Africa. By partnering with well-known and recognized accredited universities in Europe and the USA, AGE will help bridge this “education gap”, offering relevant and practical post-graduate programs in Business, Health Care Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Operations Management, among others. It is AGE’s mission to offer an MBA to anyone regardless of income, work/family constraints, or learning styles. Rather than “resource extraction”, AGE is focused on “resource creation” in the form of human capital that can meet the challenges of the next 20 years.

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Welcome to official blog of Athena Global Education

I was teaching an MBA class when one of my students approached and asked if this was all really worth the effort. I knew he had been struggling with issues around his family, his career, and with the course itself.  

It wasn’t the first time I had been asked this question.   

Taking on a path of instruction at the graduate level is a serious choice. It requires dedication, commitment, hard work, and support from others. And that hard work definitely pays off. 

Typical MBA graduates earn significantly more than their undergraduate degree counterparts. In the US, the increased salary and bonus earned by an MBA graduate will return all costs of tuition, loss of salary, and other costs associated with graduate education within 3.5 years. And that’s just for starters. 

75% of MBA graduates shift career paths to their advantage. They report higher job satisfaction and more mobility. MBA graduates can work in many different fields, such as health care, hospitality, retail or technology just to name a few. And they can hold a variety of positions: CEO, CFO, CTO, EVP, VP, or other senior management post.   

Getting a graduate level education and holding a graduate degree is a life-changing experience. Increased earnings potential, better job satisfactions, greater mobility all add up to a better life for you, your family and your community.  

AGE offers several MBA alternatives and all are delivered online in a flexible provisioning that suits your work and life schedule. We try to remove as many of the unnecessary burdens as we cab, such as tuition costs and scheduling conflicts, and leaving you focused on what is important: academic excellence. Take one module or take three. It’s up to you.  

So, the answer is “YES!” It is worth it. And AGE makes it easier than ever to achieve this life milestone.  

Stay tuned to this blog as we explore MBA’s, online education, career trends, and student spotlights. 

Peace out, 


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